Bad week, happy ending
Did you know random vegetables can randomly grow a random invisible fungus if you let them sit out too long, which is immune to the heat of normal cooking? I got to know this trojan mold pretty intimately on Monday when I decided to bake and eat the perfectly pristine-looking whole spaghetti squash I'd been anticipating for a week. Cue violent illness. I'll spare you the details. Uggh. I missed my dentist appointment again, too. But at least I saved my guy from the same illness -- we usually split spaghetti squashes.

Gravol and Pepto Bismol didn't help my nausea symptoms at all that first night, and only helped a bit the following days. Know what did work though? Bong hits. Small ones. It didn't even alter my mental state, just went right to the nausea and cleared it up for hours at a time, thank goodness. Three cheers for medical recreational marijuana.

I spent the week slowly rehydrating with lots of minty green tea, naps, and all the episodes of David Attenborough's Life miniseries on Netflix. The next time you're sick, do try some nature documentaries, especially Attenborough's. The pacing is calming, the subject matter is interesting, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful, especially on a big TV (my living room has only just evolved past the clunky CRT). When I was deeply worn down from a few days of constant sickness and weakness, these were incredibly comforting to watch.

I'm feeling stronger now, looking forward to getting back to the gym next week. Still - must hydrate!

On an extra little note, after doing some research I've decided to try writing at Hubpages. They're going through a big transition to keep up with google search algorithm updates right now and I'm impressed by the way their team is responding to this challenge with growth, rather than shrinking away from it. Here's a link to my profile: CandyHippie at HubPages. While I'm new to HubPages I've got solid freelance writing experience. With patience, attention and love this could work out nicely!


The new community is live!

adult_coloring is up and running with a userpic, bio and welcome post, though no members as of yet. Go see! :D

During the community setup, I noticed there's a 'mobile friendly' layout section. This is new to me, since I haven't really used LJ in years.  Since there's only a few different layout options, I'm torn as to whether to change my personal LJ to make it mobile friendly. Does LJ get a lot of mobile traffic nowadays? :/ I don't even have a mobile device so I dunno.

Next up on the to-do list for me: turn 8 of my calendar mandalas into bookmarks. I'm thinking I'll make four cool-weather themed and four warm-weather themed.


CandyHippie Update Dump!
I've done so many millions of things since I last wrote an entry! Okay not quite millions, but many many lots.

My Etsy shop has over 130 items in it now.

I've made nine mandala coloring books in total: Flower Mandalas, Vajra Mandalas, Fantasy Forest Mandalas, Crystal Mandalas, Advanced Flower Mandalas, Halloween Mandalas, Christmas Mandalas, Wreath Mandalas and Monthly Mandalas. The last one is also available in the form of a printable Mandala Calendar.

I've also created a bunch of bookmarks and a few more ink drawings. At the end of November I surpassed 1000 sales, a goal I set when I started in April and didn't expect to reach before the end of the year.

I now have my own website, where my prices are 5% lower than on Etsy, since my website's fees are slightly lower than Etsy's. So if you like my coloring pages and you plan to pay with paypal, I definitely recommend buying from instead of Etsy. Also at Candy Hippie dot com, I offer free coloring pages and exclusive coloring pages which will not be available in the CandyHippie Etsy shop. More of those are coming soon!

And finally, just now I made an Adult Coloring LJ community! adult_coloring. I'm still fixing it up, and then I'll be showing it off in search of new memebers. It'll be the perfect place to share coloring tips, show off the coloring you've done, do some coloring troubleshooting, and share tutorials and product reviews. I'll be posting my new items there as I create them. Any coloring page artists who join will be welcome to do the same! I promise not to let it get spammy, of course.

I have a lot of plans for future creations too! I'll make a post about that in the near future.

Latest CandyHippie coloring book: Crystal Mandalas
Just finished my latest coloring book, Crystal Mandalas. Twelve original printable pages, digitally designed and touched up by me. They look like they came out of a book when printed. Nice.

Woohoo! New LJ!
How many LJs have I had in my life? At least ten, in the last fifteen years. I used to live on this site. And I know it's lost most of its users by now, but it just feels so good to be typing in this friendly, familiar box again. I used to write about my life, my high school, my friends, my favourite music, my weird interests and most of all my fandoms. I even dabbled in fanart and fanfic. Er, a lot.

But I'm moving on from that now, not because there's anything wrong with any of it, but because I'm striving to be an independent creator. I've begun this endeavor with my coloring pages and while it won't stop here, it's where I am for now and I like it here. :)


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