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Bad week, happy ending

Did you know random vegetables can randomly grow a random invisible fungus if you let them sit out too long, which is immune to the heat of normal cooking? I got to know this trojan mold pretty intimately on Monday when I decided to bake and eat the perfectly pristine-looking whole spaghetti squash I'd been anticipating for a week. Cue violent illness. I'll spare you the details. Uggh. I missed my dentist appointment again, too. But at least I saved my guy from the same illness -- we usually split spaghetti squashes.

Gravol and Pepto Bismol didn't help my nausea symptoms at all that first night, and only helped a bit the following days. Know what did work though? Bong hits. Small ones. It didn't even alter my mental state, just went right to the nausea and cleared it up for hours at a time, thank goodness. Three cheers for medical recreational marijuana.

I spent the week slowly rehydrating with lots of minty green tea, naps, and all the episodes of David Attenborough's Life miniseries on Netflix. The next time you're sick, do try some nature documentaries, especially Attenborough's. The pacing is calming, the subject matter is interesting, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful, especially on a big TV (my living room has only just evolved past the clunky CRT). When I was deeply worn down from a few days of constant sickness and weakness, these were incredibly comforting to watch.

I'm feeling stronger now, looking forward to getting back to the gym next week. Still - must hydrate!

On an extra little note, after doing some research I've decided to try writing at Hubpages. They're going through a big transition to keep up with google search algorithm updates right now and I'm impressed by the way their team is responding to this challenge with growth, rather than shrinking away from it. Here's a link to my profile: CandyHippie at HubPages. While I'm new to HubPages I've got solid freelance writing experience. With patience, attention and love this could work out nicely!

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